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We have aimed to answer the most frequently asked questions by our customers. If you still have questions and not sure? Please contact our friendly team.
What waste can I put into my skip bin?
You can dispose off any waste you wish to in the skip bins. Any dry or general waste such as clothing, toys, trees and untreated woods can be put into the skip bins. Batteries, synthetic glass, concrete, pavers and bricks, etc. can also be put in. Depending on your wastes, there could be additional charges. Please ask our friendly staff to know more about the waste disposal.
How do I know what size skip bin I need?
The bin size depends on the amount of waste you want to get rid of. Our skip bin company will help you to evaluate the exact bin size you need. We assess your requirements and provide you the perfect size bin from our variety of sizes.
What is not allowed into the skip bins?
Wastes that are hazardous for the environment should be avoided. This includes food, chemical paints, solvents, asbestos, spoiled materials, etc.
What do I do with the hazardous waste?
If you want to get rid of any of these materials, get in touch with the local council. They will direct you and get the work done.


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To what level should I fill the skip bin?
Any skip bin shouldn’t be filled beyond the rim. The driver will not accept your overfilled bin as it is not legal to do so. We are entitled to charge you fee if the bin is not collected from you. If the waste gets overloaded, you can call us and get a new bin through our skip bin Brisbane service. This will ensure you get your waste disposed off without any disruptions.
How long can I have the bin for?
Normally, you can hire skip bin and keep it for around 3-7 days. However, if you want the bin for additional days, you can contact us for the same. Call us before the collection day. Please keep in mind, any extra day will cost you additional charges other than the quote price.
Can I put asbestos in the skip bin?
No, you cannot. Asbestos is banned in Australia and going against the rule will lead to you paying penalty. Asbestos can be found in many sections of your house such as the bathroom, old roof tiles or electrical metre boards. Our professional team will assist you and let you know whether you have asbestos or not.
Where do you place the skip bin?
We are a local skip bin company that caters to your specific requirements. Generally, we place the skip bin within your premises. This saves your bin from getting filled by someone else. However, if you want the bin to be placed on public property i.e Roads, and nature strips, you will need the council permit. Contact our friendly staff and we will assist you with this issue.
Can we have the skip bin delivered onto the nature strip?
Generally, you can get the skip bin delivered onto the nature strip. However, one should ensure the skip bin doesn’t block the pedestrian access or cause any other inconvenience. To be assured, get a council permit. As different governments have different orders, you can be confirmed whether you will get the skip bin delivered onto the nature skip or not.
Do I get charged if I cancel my bin order?
You have the freedom to cancel the bin order before 3 days of the arrival. If you can cancel the order before two days of the arrival, you will be charged 10% of your full payment. And, if you cancel the order on the arrival day, you will be charged 20% of the initial skip bin prices agreed upon. So, you will get your cash after deducting the percentage amount if you cancel the order.

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