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Local skip bins provides you the ideal bin sizes catered to your distinct requirements. We have a vast range of bin sizes, you can pick from. You can easily select the perfect bin size through our skip bin hire Australia service. This will help you get rid of the bulk wastes with ease.

The skip bin size you need depends on the following criterias.

Type of the wastes

You have to differentiate your wastes. Almost, all wastes can be put in the skip bins. But, wastes such as oil heaters, asbestos, fibro glass are prohibited and require special skip bins specifically designed for the same. Get in touch with our friendly staff and we will help you in deciding the right skip bins based on your type of wastes.

Weight of the wastes

You don’t want to be in a situation where your bins are overloaded with wastes and the driver refuses to take it, isn’t it? Overloading is illegal and will cause you a penalty. So, you should pick the right skip bins that will accommodate your required wastes without being overloaded.

Location where it is placed

If all you need is to get rid of your household wastes, choosing larger sized bins will lead to unnecessary issues. It will lead to disruptions as it will occupy larger space and will be difficult to place in the right location.

Our skip bin company will help you with all the three criterias to make the best decision for you.
Skip Bin Size


Whether the waste is generated from home renovation, small and large commercial or residential projects, garden makeovers, etc., having a skip bin gives you peace of mind. Choosing the perfect skip bin size is an arduous task. You need to have the estimate of the wastes you want to get rid of to hire the perfect sized bin.

Our professional team first understands your specific requirement. This helps us to provide you with an ideal customer service, our ultimate goal and will then walk you through the different bin sizes. Our skip bin Brisbane service is aligned with your specifications to make sure your entire waste disposal is a smooth process.

Here are some common bin sizes you can get for your waste removal

2 Cubic Metre Skip Bins

If you want to clean small areas, this is the perfect fit for your requirement. This is your ideal bin size when it comes to getting rid of household, yard, garden and garage waste.
Skip Bin

4 Cubic Metre Skip Bins

It's small in size, meaning it would not occupy a large space and can be placed at any space for your convenience.
Skip Bin

6 Cubic Metre Skip Bins

Whether it be commercial, domestic or residential bulk wastes, this bin will help you keep your place clean and junk free. It provides enough space to help you get most of the wastes discarded.
Skip Bin

8 Cubic Metre Skip Bins

The bigger the project, larger bin size will be required to get rid of all the wastes. 8 cubic metre bins are helpful for commercial purposes.
Skip Bin

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